Jul. 26th, 2011 08:20 pm
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LJ is down again so writing some things in my backup journal here so I can keep track of them. Health things mostly. I am still trying to figure out the underlying cause of these respiratory ailments.

I went to the dentist today and they said I have many infected teeth that are causing a septic infection in my body. They say that is what could be causing my heart / blood pressure problems as well as the respiratory issues. So getting the teeth taken care of would be a good thing. Unfortunately they want $4000 after insurance. And this is money we don't have. We have a complete print out of all the work they say I need, so we will try to shop around to other dentists. 1000 of it is to make the partial dentures they say I will need. 500 dollars is for the sedation - I need to be knocked out though. Very much need to be knocked out. My dental phobia is extreme.

I had a shit ton of xrays today and I managed not to freak out too much with all the people poking and prodding in my mouth and telling me to bite strange things. They even did a 360 around my head with an MRI kind of thing.

I have to get my chest xray tomorrow (whee more radiation) so that they can rule out pneumonia with the breathing thing. I'm now on a second course of steroids and antibiotics, and two inhalers - a rescue inhaler and advair. My blood still isn't getting oxygenated enough. Especially when I lie down at night, it's so painful to draw a deep breath.

I may have to wait till January to have my teeth taken care of because that's when Aus gets his bonus from work, and shortly after our tax refund. The thought that it's likely all going to go to my medical bills is depressing. I hate that I cause us all this money shortage by my poor health


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