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That feed the world one. "There won't be snow in Africa this Christmas." Well no shit, there won't be snow in South Carolina either. Also the "Thank god it's them instead of you." Uh... yeah. That's a real nice thought.

"Baby it's cold outside.. say what's in this drink?" AKA the date rape song.

Little St. Nick. Surf rock should have died in the sixties yet we still play this. Why?

Here we come a-wassailing. We aren't in 1800s England. Nothing is wassailing anywhere anymore. Wassailing is likely a verb that should have never happened anyhow.

I want a hippopotomus for christmas and All I want for christmas is my two front teeth, both for the same reason - that grating false child voice. And then there's the dumb lyrics. Oh and for that matter - "I saw mommy kissing santa claus" - it's your dad, kid. Or at least the milkman. Get over it.

And the worst of all -- Any country music song involving a dead and/or dying person that someone is buying a present for, especially if they're begging for that present because they're also poor. I think there's like fifty of those at this point, or maybe just two that seem like fifty because they're that bad.
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writerverse on livejournal

I've been a part of this writing community since its first phase! Now they're starting phase three so it's a good time for you to join. If you're looking for a writing community with fun challenges, deadlines to keep you on track, and lots of community spirit - come join in the fun!
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Created a [community profile] charloft journal here just in case we ever need to move LJ's charloft over.

Lots of people are milling about here, it seems - but I'm likely to just continue using this as a backup journal for as long as LJ lives.

So... yeah, just making a note-to-self here.


Jul. 26th, 2011 08:20 pm
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LJ is down again so writing some things in my backup journal here so I can keep track of them. Health things mostly. I am still trying to figure out the underlying cause of these respiratory ailments.

I went to the dentist today and they said I have many infected teeth that are causing a septic infection in my body. They say that is what could be causing my heart / blood pressure problems as well as the respiratory issues. So getting the teeth taken care of would be a good thing. Unfortunately they want $4000 after insurance. And this is money we don't have. We have a complete print out of all the work they say I need, so we will try to shop around to other dentists. 1000 of it is to make the partial dentures they say I will need. 500 dollars is for the sedation - I need to be knocked out though. Very much need to be knocked out. My dental phobia is extreme.

I had a shit ton of xrays today and I managed not to freak out too much with all the people poking and prodding in my mouth and telling me to bite strange things. They even did a 360 around my head with an MRI kind of thing.

I have to get my chest xray tomorrow (whee more radiation) so that they can rule out pneumonia with the breathing thing. I'm now on a second course of steroids and antibiotics, and two inhalers - a rescue inhaler and advair. My blood still isn't getting oxygenated enough. Especially when I lie down at night, it's so painful to draw a deep breath.

I may have to wait till January to have my teeth taken care of because that's when Aus gets his bonus from work, and shortly after our tax refund. The thought that it's likely all going to go to my medical bills is depressing. I hate that I cause us all this money shortage by my poor health
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We went to Stormwatch Comics and All Things Fun to pick up our free comic books for comic book day. They were both crowded - lots of people coming out for free comic day! Stormwatch had some costumed characters (Wolverine and Black Widow I think it was) . They let you take three free comics each, and also pick up five other comics from a HUGE selection. After the five free ones, if you wanted more, they were only a dollar each.

All Things Fun let you take three free comics and they had some posters and pins for free too. There were also free pretzels yum. Outside they had costumed characters from Star Wars, and inside they had some card gaming going on.

Both stores had a lot of specials - All Things Fun had some good discounts on games and such, but we'd already gone through our fun budget for the week.

Here's a list of the comics Aus and I got:

From All Things Fun:
The Dark Crystal / Mouse Guard (dual book)
Kung Fu Panda
The Lone Ranger / Battlestar Galactica (dual book)
Imperial Cadet Training Manual (activity book)
Green Hornet
Sonic The Hedgehog
The Astounding Wolfman

From Stormwatch:
The Stuff of Legend / The Intrepid Escape Goat (dual book)
Bongo Comics Free For All
Civil War Adventure
Atomic Robo (plus Moon Girl)
Darkness Confession
ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement

(and the ones we picked out for the five free- )

Knights of the Dinner Table no 116
Zantana vs the Royal Flush Gang
Warriors Three (4 of 4)
Mouse Guard The Black Axe (2 of 6)
Secret Avengers (6)
Deadpool (33.1)
Dracula The Company of Monsters (5)
The Dresden Files (volume two - Dynamite 4)
Uncle Scrooge (403)
Army of Darkness (Dynamite 8)

Pretty good haul! Lots of comics to read.
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Live journal is down as I'm trying to post this entry so I'm posting it here for now and will likely crosspost it later. I hear it's easy to set up crossposting here, woot- so have to check that out.

I'm having a bit of a difficult time right now. Recovering from surgery and two of my favorite uncles died this week. Because of not being able to get out of bed and because of my estrangement from my immediate family, I couldn't go to uncle Joe's funeral and I can't go to Uncle Leon's funeral either. I loved them both very much- they were amazing uncles.

Every time I saw uncle Joe when I was a kid, he gave me some money to buy something fun. He didn't need to do that to be a great uncle though - I also just liked hugging him and talking to him and hearing about his life and what he was up to now. He was a quiet kind of guy. When he got older and his wife died, he used to spend a lot of time doing jigsaw puzzles. He would then glue them together and make them into pictures - he gave a couple to me. We used to go over his house a lot when I was a kid and it was always fun.

Uncle Leon was the guy I wanted to be when I grew up. He was very smart, and a total badass - and he had the best stories. He was a teamster and a union organizer. He had some wild adventures in his youth. He loved the history channel and documentaries, and we would often talk about history things and what we'd watched. We used to share books - he'd read something he thought I might like and i'd do the same for him and then we'd discuss them. He and my aunt Marie often had gatherings at their house when I was growing up. Some of my best childhood memories happened there.

Here's a picture of uncle Joe, and one of Uncle Leon. These are both from a lunch we had with them and my mom in 2008 I think it was. We used to get together every now and then. Here's uncle Leon's obituary, and uncle Joe's.

I will miss them very much and I think my life is better for having known them. They were both in their late eighties and had very full lives, so it's not entirely unexpected just-- I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye.

Rest in peace, uncles.
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I may use this (or create another journal here) primarily to back up my LJ. Then again, I may just back up my LJ offline and use this journal for fun things as I've discovered some nice little writing communities here.

I wonder if there are any RP ones?


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