May. 7th, 2011

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We went to Stormwatch Comics and All Things Fun to pick up our free comic books for comic book day. They were both crowded - lots of people coming out for free comic day! Stormwatch had some costumed characters (Wolverine and Black Widow I think it was) . They let you take three free comics each, and also pick up five other comics from a HUGE selection. After the five free ones, if you wanted more, they were only a dollar each.

All Things Fun let you take three free comics and they had some posters and pins for free too. There were also free pretzels yum. Outside they had costumed characters from Star Wars, and inside they had some card gaming going on.

Both stores had a lot of specials - All Things Fun had some good discounts on games and such, but we'd already gone through our fun budget for the week.

Here's a list of the comics Aus and I got:

From All Things Fun:
The Dark Crystal / Mouse Guard (dual book)
Kung Fu Panda
The Lone Ranger / Battlestar Galactica (dual book)
Imperial Cadet Training Manual (activity book)
Green Hornet
Sonic The Hedgehog
The Astounding Wolfman

From Stormwatch:
The Stuff of Legend / The Intrepid Escape Goat (dual book)
Bongo Comics Free For All
Civil War Adventure
Atomic Robo (plus Moon Girl)
Darkness Confession
ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement

(and the ones we picked out for the five free- )

Knights of the Dinner Table no 116
Zantana vs the Royal Flush Gang
Warriors Three (4 of 4)
Mouse Guard The Black Axe (2 of 6)
Secret Avengers (6)
Deadpool (33.1)
Dracula The Company of Monsters (5)
The Dresden Files (volume two - Dynamite 4)
Uncle Scrooge (403)
Army of Darkness (Dynamite 8)

Pretty good haul! Lots of comics to read.


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